Selasa, 12 Januari 2010 | By: winda maharani

something about love, part 2

Again,, when i'm in semester's break, i love to read many novels i've been downloaded.. I really enjoyed to read it, starting from the language, sentence, story, until the conversation,, I love it all..

and recently, i found another sentences that intriguing me for a moment.. then i decided that i really like it.. in that story, the man are hating each other with the woman.. but he doesn't recognized that he had another feeling behind it (really pschoanalysis, hahaha).. until another party, tell him so..
" when u used the word hate, it's such a powerful word. So, i think there's a powerful feeling with this chick, isn't it? "
when i read that parts, i realized the meaning.. a powerful words indicated a powerful feeling behind it.. well, whether u believe it or not, i guessed it's true.. Sometime i felt like that around people, threw powerful words without thinking, whether it's in positive or negative side..

hahahha.. such a great sentences from a novel.. i never realized that u can have many things to thinking about, just from a novel.. Have u ever experienced it, guys??

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