Rabu, 17 Maret 2010 | By: winda maharani

women and her secrets

a few days ago, i found this words on internet.. i read it and i like it.. so i wrote it down in my notes and read it over and over.. let me share it for you..

when a woman is quiet.. million of things running in her mind
when a woman is not arguing.. she is thinking deeply
when a woman looks at you with eyes full of question.. she is wondering how long you will be around
when a woman answers 'im fine' after a few seconds.. she is not fine at all
when a woman stares at you.. she is wondering why you are lying
when a woman lays on your chest.. she is wishing you to be hers forever
when a woman wants to see you everyday.. she wants to be pampered
when a woman says 'I LOVE YOU'.. she means it
when a woman says 'I MISS YOU'.. no one in the world can miss you more than that

hahahaha.. what a sweet words.. i really like it.. well i think it's describe me a lot..
hope you like it too..

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