Minggu, 30 Mei 2010 | By: winda maharani

(one) letter of love

whenever you are around me, i feel a soothing breezes overwhelm my heart..
just like a whisper of love in my ears and a soothing caresses in my skin..
yet ur existence in my life, so powerful..
You robbed my judgment, you killed my senses, and you twist my world again n again
but u never know, that u rock my world and it'll never be the same again..
climb up the highest roller coaster easier than climb up n open ur heart,
even though im afraid of height, i'm much more afraid if u close ur heart for me
i'm afraid i've become no one in ur heart, no one in ur life..

unfortunately, there's no one in particular that crossed my mind when i wrote this
29 mei 2010

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