Selasa, 21 September 2010 | By: winda maharani

A man in uniform

When the first time i think about ‘man in uniform’, i actually think about army or anything in that kind. I do really have a thing about them. And i won’t tell u about how brave they are, how noble they job or the way they protect our country. I have my kind of way about thinking them. Maybe just like another woman’s in this whole world think about ‘man in uniform’.. well, i actually refer to term “HOT” or u could probably say ‘cool’?? ha ha ha.. it’s kinda funny though.

But the point is there’s just something about the man in uniform. I quote this from one of novel i read a couple days before. It says,
“there’s just something about the man in uniform, one whose purpose is to protect and defend, whose very code of conduct isn’t just a set of rules that he lives by, but is inherent in his makeup as a man—that makes a girl stand up and take notice. That sort of mentality sets him apart from your average guy and makes him more…everything. More sexy, more worthy, more noble. And that kind of guy needs a special kind of woman.”

When I read it, I really like the way the author of the book describes about ‘something’ that makes a girl likes the ‘man in uniform’. They different from the other guys, they attracted me in some other ways that the average men doesn’t. It’s truly happened in me, I guess. ‘Cause when I saw them, I really want to make them mine and make me his.

They have an aura that say out loud (at least to me) that I’m great, capable, protective, and I need someone that can handle me. And u know what, the wild side in me just screamed ‘ I’m the one u’ve been looking for’.. ha ha ha, silly but sure.. but really, I just need some man who man enough to realize and awakened the woman in me.. and so far, I always think that maybe the ‘man in uniform’ can fulfill my wishes.. ha ha ha, I REALLY HOPE SO!! But u see, they have a great body too, hehehehe.. ^_^

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