Senin, 29 November 2010 | By: winda maharani

Things belong to you

i love to read books, especially novel. sometimes i wrote something or somepart of the novel that i like, in my memo.. this is another sentence that i like in one of the novel i've read.. it said that..
envy means you want what he has. jealousy would imply he's a threat to something belonging to you.
u see the difference? well, i did.. before read that sentence, i never thinking about it.. but when it stated clearly like that, it make me wondering.. yeah, that's a 2 different things about belonging..

the word envy means that u want something that someone else's had.. that doesn't means u don't have things that someone else's have.. maybe u have it too, but u really want his/her things.. or maybe you don't have the things he/she has and u really want it..

but it different with the word jealousy.. u already have the things u want to and u try ur best to keep it just to urself.. u see someone else that want ur things, as a threat to ur belongings.. hahaha, see the difference now?

well actually it's a really really really not important things to share.. hahahha, but i kinda like it.. so, i don't care! hahahaha...

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