Senin, 15 November 2010 | By: winda maharani

Two-time Love

well it's been a long time i haven't update my blog. there's something important that i have to do. it's kinda depressing though, but i think it's alright now.. well i hope so..

so back to this article, i want to write things about love.. but first, i have to apologize for may bad written english, hehehe.. i don't use it often, so it's really bad.. :p

so, what i really want to write is a two-time love. have u ever heard it before? the description in my mind about it fall to a form kind of love when a person love 2 persons at the same time. it's kinda confusing though, but i know it's happened around us. or u have been there before? yeah well whatever it is, i found a 'cute' explanation about it when i read a romantic novel (i really am a hopeless romantic person, hahaha).

the author said that (and it's a quote)...
"you can love two persons at the same time, but not at the same degree"
well, i really like the way author of this book describe the two-time love. i've been there before, n i think it's true. the explanation fits my experience so well. i realized that i love the X person, but in mean time i love the Y person too. but i know which one that have my heart and also my mind. when i put it this way, maybe it's like Bella in Twilight Saga felt between Jacob and Edward. she loves both of them, but she know where her heart landed.

so i think that quote it's true somehow. u will always know which one u love the most. well if u don't know it for sure, i know that ur heart know it. hehehe.. a good insight from a romance novel. i will inform u another quote i like from novel, but maybe next time.. so, tell ur experience in this two-time love, please? of course if u have it.. so long, bye!

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