Kamis, 26 Mei 2011 | By: winda maharani

It's your choice

still connected with my previous post about chemistry. i found this sentence when i read a novel yesterday.. it says..
as a rule, people know instantly if they're interested or not with someone. whether they'll choose to act on that interest is another thing
 so, your heart will know instantly about your feeling 'bout someone. you can't deny yourself if you're really interested about someone, but you will have to pass another stage to act on it. a stage requires you to think about it, is it good or not, or something else in between. a stage that used your moral reasoning to decided whether you have to act on it or not..

so, once again i will said this.. you really need a 'chemistry' with someone if you want to continue your relationship further. BUT, you don't have to act on it EVERYTIME you feel that way. use your heart and moral before deciding..

happy loving, folks! :))
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