Senin, 09 Mei 2011 | By: winda maharani


when i was writing my undergraduate thesis, i often read a scientific journal and made it my sources.. my undergraduate thesis is talk about psychological distress in university student.. when i skimming the journal, i read about this term.. a new term for me.. it called self-concealment
self-concealment is a predisposition to actively hide personal negative information from others (Larson & Chastain, 1990)
in the journal I read about, self-concealment is one of many factors that contributes as the reason why people don't wanna go and have a counseling with psychologists.. someone who have a big sense of self-concealment tend to hide his/her personal negative information.. not just avoiding, but actively hide his/her personal information.. i haven't read specifically about this, but i think it connected with self-esteem or something..
nice term.. someday i will seriously take a little research about it and then write it up..

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