Minggu, 14 Oktober 2012 | By: winda maharani

From friend to total stranger

I’m firmly say this to a person that had been everything to me, and now become nothing.

We started this relationship as a total stranger, and that when our friends introduce us, we started this as an acquaintance. From the moment I met you, I just knew that there will be something for us. As the time goes by, we start to talk to each other and civilized with each other. I finally knew things about you and you knew things about me. 

Days turn to months, I knew you a lot better just like you knew me a whole lot better. We starting became friends here. You tell me your story, your hopes, your dreams and we take turns started to talk about mine. I do learned a lot about you as time goes by. I started to like you and I felt that you liked me too.

Then we became a lover. At that moment, I like you a lot. Months passes and I realized that I love you, so much. That time, I do felt that you have the same feeling like I felt. We talk about future, my future and my plans, your future and your plans and finally our future and our plans. I do feel like we matched each other, just like matchmake made in heaven. I do imagine future with you, just like you did that time.

Sadly we broke up because of silly things you said. And why is that? When we promise each other never say ‘break up’ without really mean it, never say that until we didn’t love each other anymore. But things happened and it happened so fast. I’m totally down and break. I love you. Then I hate you. Then I’m angry with you. Then I delete all the memories of you, at least in photos, contacts and all the other things that related to you, because I know I can’t delete you from my heart. Not yet. And what happened then? Voila! We became a total stranger to each other, again. Yet here I’m still miss you.

From a friend to a lover. When we are together, I always think that you will be my future. But now, look where we stand. We are stranger to each other.. how I miss that time, when I can talk to you about everything, yes everything. 

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