Kamis, 08 November 2012 | By: winda maharani

Happy Birthday, Mom!

6 November 2012. One of my precious day, now and then maybe forever. Yes, yesterday was my dear mom’s birthday. (well, also my cousins ‘dek Tika and my brother-in-law Aa Dhika).
We didn’t celebrate it, didn’t bake a cake or dining out like before. This time and like last year, I just praying for my mom there, in heaven with Allah SWT. Just keep sending a big prayer, big hope and celebrate with the memories of her in my heart.

She was a GREAT mother ever. Well, not “was” but “is”. For me, she still live forever and will be loving us always. When she’s still alive, I never gave her a big present or gave a surprise party. My mom always said that a birthday didn’t have to be celebrated. We have to give a big thanks to Allah because He give us another year to live here. Yeah, I love her and all her lesson of life to us.

But once a time, I gave her a little present when I was in elementary school. I put it in front of my mom’s door with a letter. And then in the morning, I remembered my mom was crying beside my bed and said that she loves me so much too. My memory is a little vague cause I was sleep that time. But I do remembered my mom said that and crying when she hug me. Oh I do love you too, mom. Forever and always..

My dear mommy (I always love to call her mommy, not mama like others), I love you and miss you. But I know Allah SWT loves you more, so He called you faster than everyone else. I missed to hug you, missing time when we talked to each other, missing how you love me all this time. Missing you so much mom.. T.T

Happy birthday my dear mommy. Even though your body is no longer here with me, but the memories of you will always live here in my heart. I just can’t stop loving you Mom, forever. Always. Be happy there my dear Mom.

*still crying when wrote this*

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