Jumat, 07 Juni 2013 | By: winda maharani

I feel lonely in the middle of the crowd

Belakangan ini, gue sering banget ngerasa sedih dan kesepian, padahal gue lagi berada di tengah orang-orang banyak. Berada di tengah-tengah teman dan keluarga. But still, i feel lonely. I fell that i dont belong anywhere in this crowd, i fell like i dont have a person who loved me and understand me somehow. i know i have my family, brother, sister and father. but i just dont feel the same way i feel with them like when my mom still alive. it's just different.. i love them and i know with all of my heart and my mind that they feel the same way like i do. but i just cant get rid of this thinking, this feeling, this..things..

thats my complex, yes i know it. and i know i keep pushing people around me because the way i act or the way i thinking and feeling. i know thats wrong and thats only happened in my mind. but i feel helpless and i feel like im wearing a mask if i keep pretending that i dont feel lonely. i need closure, thats all i know. but i seems cant find it here or there, cant find it anywhere and seems nobody cant understand me when im talking about this.. yeah, thats me. feel lonely..

kalo orang tanya, sebenernya apa yang gue butuhin? gue mungkin ga tau juga jawabannya apa. someone who understand me, perhaps? seseorang yang menjadikan gue nomor satu dalam hidupnya dan sebaliknya? and i hate the feeling that i have to rely on someone else to have some happiness in my life, to feel needed by others, to feel alive.. i hate it but still cant help it. i cant lie to myself about this kind of feeling. this emptyness..

i just hate it..

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